Petitioning Time – Please Give Your Signature!

By   February 26, 2020
Hello registered Greens living Brooklyn!

Petitioning for the Green Party of New York State Committee began yesterday, and petitions must all be filed by April 2. For Brooklyn, we need 150 signatures for our State Committee slate. That might not seem like a lot, but because only registered Greens living in Brooklyn can sign our petitions, it tends to be labor intensive!

It would help a great deal if all of you registered Greens could email us at with your contact information (name, cell phone, email address, and the best place to meet you to get a signature). The sooner you can do that, the better! (Also, if you’re available to help gather signatures, please let us know.)

And don’t forget to take action to get New York State to divest its pension fund from fossil fuels!
Contact State Senator Brian Kavanagh

The DivestNY campaign needs just one more New York State Senate sponsor for the divestment bill (S2126). The New York public pension fund still has $13 billion in taxpayer money invested in fossil fuels, directly funding the rapidly accelerating climate crisis. Contact Senator Kavanagh and tell him to sponsor this bill! Especially if you’re one of his constituents (living in Senate District 26).

Support Our Party
Help grow the Green Party by becoming a supporting member or sustainer, or with a one-time donation. Thank you!

For more information contact Gloria Mattera at or 917-886-4538.

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