The Green Party of Brooklyn is dedicated to common-sense solutions to the problems that face the people of Brooklyn and across our city, state and country. Not beholden to the corporate, partisan interests that have created such inequity in the Five Boroughs, the Green Party of Brooklyn’s platform represents the best vision for a new New York City.

True Democracy for New York City

The current political conditions in New York City make City Hall and the Mayor’s Office off-limits to most New Yorkers. Without big money or the backing of an often corrupt political machine, it’s become nearly impossible for the people of this city to have an independent voice in the halls of power.

The Green Party of Brooklyn believes that New York’s City Council should truly represent the people of this city – we want MORE democracy and that means more choice, a guarantee that our elections are safe and secure, and truly publicly-funded elections.

  • The Green Party of Brooklyn will work for a citizen initiated change of our city government to a proportionally representative system that will provide for more viable choices at the ballot box that better reflects the racial, gender, economic and political makeup of our city.
  • The Green Party of Brooklyn continues to fight to keep Direct Record Electronic Voting machines – or any other voter-unverifiable electronic voting system – out of New York City and pushes for a voter-marked paper ballot to be the ONLY way our elections become certified.
  • The Green Party of Brooklyn joins good government groups in calling for a fully publicly funded elections system in New York City where a candidates merits and ideas are what determines the outcome of an election, NOT how much money he or she spends.

A Sustainable Brooklyn Now and for the Future

Former Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC 2030 was perhaps the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of New York City ever done by an administration. Though well intentioned, PlaNYC 2030 failed to deliver the necessary vision and critical examination of the impending climate crisis that will change the way New York – and the world – lives.

The Green Party in New York state calls for a Green New Deal that would implement the Stanford Jacobson Plan to move NY to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2030.

The War Ends in Brooklyn

The drone wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world are creating suffering and instability. Meanwhile, our infrastructure falls apart and our schools continue to under-serve our children. Multi-national corporations are getting rich off our tax dollars while our privacy is invaded and innocents suffer overseas. The Green Party of Brooklyn has opposed the government’s so-called “war on terror” since the initial invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and continues to work with local peace groups to end this era of perpetual war.

It is time for Brooklyn to announce that “The War Ends in Brooklyn NOW!” and begin showing our elected officials, the predatory recruiters in our schools and the robber barrens growing rich on our money that wars of aggression in our names will never be tolerated.