First Charter Revision Commission RCV Hearing! Tuesday April 30th In Queens!

By   April 24, 2019
Calling all Greens and Supporters!
Please join the Green Party and other groups like Fair Vote and Common Cause to push for Ranked Choice Voting in NYC!
There are Charter Revision Commission Hearings coming up in all 5 Boroughs. The first one is:
Tuesday April 30th – Queens – Here is the FB link to the first hearing:
The other hearings are as follows:
Thursday May 2nd – Brooklyn (Borough Hall)
Tuesday May 7th – Bronx
Thursday May 9th City Hall (Manhattan)
Tuesday May 14th Staten Island
All the hearings are at 6:00pm.
If enough people turn out for these hearings and tell the Charter Revision Commission that we want RCV,
there is a REAL possibility that we will get the question on the ballot in the next election. If you can not attend
a hearing, you can submit your testimony at:
Getting RCV in NYC would be a seismic shift to bring REAL democracy in our elections allowing our votes
to reflect our real choices, getting REAL progressives and Greens elected, ending the need for “lesser evil” voting, and the
beginning-of-the-end to money in politics.
Please read on to sign the petition, come out to the presser/rally on Thursday April 25th, and come to testify at
one or more of the upcoming hearings!
Here is the link to the FB page for the first hearing on April 30th. Come and testify!
Read on for more info!
Subject: Sign the petition! New York City Charter Revision Commissioners: Let NYC Rank!
Dear Friends of RCV,
Please sign Common Cause/NY’s petition telling New York City Charter Revision Commissioners to Let NYC Rank!
On Tuesday, February 26th voters in the five boroughs headed to the polls for the Public Advocate Special Election. A mere 7.7% of New Yorkers cast their ballot for the second most important elected official in the city. The winner, from a field of 17 candidates, won with a third of the vote. New Yorkers need elected representation that reflects the preference of a true majority.
We can make this happen by implementing a Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) system where New York City voters are able to rank their top 5 choices for any primary or special election when more than two candidates are on the ballot.
Why RCV? Ranked choice voting allows voters to express their preferences for a variety of candidates by ranking them from first to last choice. If on election day when all the first-choices are counted there is one candidate who collects a majority of the vote, that candidate wins. If there’s no majority, then the last-place candidate is eliminated and their votes re-allocated according to voter preferences. The process is repeated until there’s a majority winner. Learn more here.
Can you join me and take action? Click here: